Fire Drill with Evacuation Information

Dear Parents and Guardians,

On Monday, September 28th, 2015,  Newtown High School will practice its first evacuation drill. Although we had a fire drill during the first days of school, we will now extend this to a full evacuation to the field. The evacuation will begin as a fire drill but will move to a full evacuation procedure once we are cleared from the building. Students will be asked to remain quiet, follow the directions of a teacher or adult, and line up by their bus number on the football field. This is to simulate the procedures that will happen should a full evacuation of the high school campus be warranted.

I will review the expectations with students on Monday morning during advisory. If a student does not know his or her bus number, they can get this during advisory on Monday morning. This is only a drill and is meant to uncover any areas that we need to improve upon regarding emergency drills and campus evacuations.

My priority is to communicate with students that this is a practice drill only. Therefore, I will be speaking on the intercom to provide instructions prior to the drill later that morning. It is imperative we make sure our students and staff understand the emergency procedures in the event of unforeseen issues.

Thank you,

Lorrie Rodrigue

Dr. Lorrie Rodrigue



“Just play. Have Fun. Enjoy the game.”   – Michael Jordan

Dear Parents and Guardians of NHS Athletes,

Welcome back to what we anticipate will be a positive year of competition, teamwork, and school spirit!  Our goal is to demonstrate pride for and support of our high school athletes, as well as to ensure we model the importance of perseverance, respect, and resiliency in the face of defeat.  Over the years, our coaches have guided our students to train hard, overcome adversity, and find success as young athletes.  As a result, our high school teams have competed well, won Championships, and have been recognized for their athleticism and sportsmanship. However, we never want to lose sight of what is truly important – having fun and experiencing enjoyment as both players and spectators.

In our effort to continue to enhance our athletic program, we are asking for your support as parents. Along with coaches and administrative staff, we want to continue to promote the love of the game and the spirit of true sportsmanship.  This is both timely and relevant as we plan to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first Newtown High School football game played in 1965 against New Milford.  I am sure you can imagine why this is exciting and nostalgic for us, connecting back to our beginnings as early Nighthawks.

Our promise to you, as members of our Newtown High School community, is to develop an advisory committee that will benefit all athletic stakeholders: parents, students, coaches, and school administrators.  The goal of this committee will be to continue to raise the bar as a high school athletic program.  This will include implementing strategies to ensure all members are communicated with appropriately, understand the practices and processes in place, have opportunities to review athletic policies and expectations, and are listened to when concerns arise across the spectrum of our sports programs.  Details of the advisory committee, as well as an invitation for interested members, will be sent through the school PTSA.

Both Greg Simon and I look forward to working with your sons and daughters as they take to the field, the court, the pool, the rink, the track and the gym this year as valued members of our high school athletic program.  We are confident that together we will continue to ensure our athletic program exemplifies the qualities we embrace as educators and parents and that remain connected to our school core values of collaboration, respect, resiliency, and kindness.


Lorrie Rodrigue, Principal                                                                        Greg Simon, Athletic Director

NHS to host Marc Mero

Dear Parents and Guardians,


After a great start to the new school year, we hope you are enjoying the Labor Day weekend with family and friends!


The NHS PTSA, along with Newtown Parent Connection and the Newtown Prevention Council, have partnered to host Mr. Marc Mero for a day of presentations to our high school students on Wednesday, September 9th. Mr. Mero, a former WWE wrestling champion and dynamic speaker, has a very important message to share with our students. Mr. Mero has spoken to thousands of schools worldwide, and his “Champion of Choices” message empowers students to make positive choices and to overcome adversity, addressing issues like bullying and peer pressure. His message is both timely and relevant, and it is meant to inspire students to respect themselves and others, achieve their goals, and to continue to seek out and sustain positive relationships.


In addition to our student assemblies, Mr. Mero will speak to parents and community members during a forum later that evening beginning at 7:00 p.m. in the Newtown High School auditorium.  Everyone is invited! We are thrilled to bring this message to our students, parents and community members, and we hope you will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Our hope is that by providing a parent/community forum in addition to the student assemblies, it will set the stage for open dialogue between you and your student(s).


For your convenience, below you will find links to Mr. Mero’s Facebook page and website. We encourage you to take a few moments and familiarize yourself with the message that will be shared with your child. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We hope you will be able to join us on Wednesday evening, September 9th and thank you in advance for your ongoing effort as parents to support Newtown programs that emphasize positive choices and decision-making, kindness, and personal triumph!




Lorrie Rodrigue

Dr. Lorrie Rodrigue